About Us

The Center is created to implement professional training programs and additional
Vocational education in geodesy, cartography, land administration and
Development of territories on the basis of the International Academy of Real Estate,
Which operates under the Faculty of Territory Development of MIIGAiK.
The training programmes of the Centre cover all business activities,
Linked by these directions.
Faculty - highly qualified teachers leading
Universities, specialists with many years of practical experience in the field of geodesy,
Cartography, land administration and territory development. The training process uses
Modern information technology, multimedia equipment, visual aids,
Methodological materials, educational and technical literature.
In our Center you will be able to get a full and high-quality education according to the convenient
Graphics: along with traditional forms of training, students are provided with
Possibility of creating individual course schedule using modular
Systems for recording the content of programmes and training hours, as well as distance learning
Followed by face-to-face certification.
The comprehensive approach and modern methods of our Center allow to provide the most
Effective training of students with minimum separation from production activities.

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